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Son Gohan Cosplay Costumes Guide

Dragon Ball z, the greatest anime to ever exist. It gave us so much. The characters are just so memorable. Son Gohan cosplay costume is the perfect way to show love.

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Son Gohan costume:

Son Gohan Cosplay Costume from Dragon Ball z

In the beginning Gohan was a weak character. But all that was changed with the arrival of Piccolo. He taught the kid all he knows today.

This Son Gohan costume is perfect to remember it all. From the very beginning, visioning the growth of him. It’s perfect for any occasion out there. People at conventions and expos would love to see it. It’s the perfect blast from the past out there.


Son Gohan cosplay suit in front of you. It features:

  • The purple costume that makes Piccolo come to mind as well. The perfect master student duo to ever exist.
  • The sash that’s there to keep everything in place.
  • The arm bands that make us remember those very episodes.
8.5Expert Score

The deal's light on the price. You're getting the exact character with it. Plus, everything looks good quality. Any Dragon Ball fan should get it without thinking.

  • Good quality anime cosplay costume.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Delivery incomplete in some cases.
  • Size problems.


The perfect thing for Dragon Ball fans out there. The Son Gohan Piccolo outfit takes it to the next level. You get the very character here. Plus, you’re the one looking like him. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The Dragon Ball z Gohan outfit is perfect for expos out there. You’ll be reminding everyone of Dragon Ball once again. I mean no one’s forgotten it but still. Plus, it’d look so great with someone cosplaying as Piccolo. Perfect duo.

The deal’s great since it features a good quality costume and is cheap. Better get it quick since a lot of Dragon Ball z fans out there. They might keep it all to themselves. You know, those diehard fans of the show. Well I’m sure you aren’t any less either. Grab it quick!!

Gohan outfit:

This is for someone who wants the other look. You know, the one we had later on in the show. Well fret not for we’ve the solution to all your problems.

This version of the Son Gohan cosplay suit is great. You get that very look making the theme parties light up. Also, it’s great for reminding everyone. Making them remember those good old days.


Here we have the Dragon Ball z outfit. It features:

  • The Design that made the anime version a hit.
  • The sash that’s there to keep everything in place.
  • The armbands that make us remember those very episodes.
8Expert Score

The deal's light on the price. You're getting the exact character with it. Plus, everything looks good quality. Any Dragon Ball fan should get it without thinking.


If you want something new then this is for you. This is the perfect way to remember Gohan. With this anime cosplay costume, Nostalgia is in the air.

Expos are already waiting for you. Get ready to get a lot of attention there. Birthday parties are great as well. Amaze everyone around you with it. I’m pretty sure people would start feeling young again. That’s just the magic of the Dragon Ball Gohan cosplay outfit. Don’t miss out on it.

About Son Gohan:

Who doesn’t know about Son Gohan? Everyone knows that name. He’s one of the best sons a father could ever have. In the beginning he was that weak character. But after training with Piccolo everything changed. From that point onwards he just never stopped popping off. I mean him vs Cell is hands down one of the best bouts.

One of the best fights anime has ever come up with. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees with me on that. Now an adult he sure knows how to look after his family. He’s a respectable scholar and someone that people look up to. He’s the perfect son for sure.

Son Gohan cosplay:

Make sure you watch some iconic scenes again. It’d be great to play those out with the right characters. Run around a bit to have a feel of the shoes. Try to find Goku and Piccolo to have the best memory ever. You can also have great pictures with Future Gohan and Adult Gohan.

I’m pretty sure they’d turn out great. Also try the Gohan cosplay outfit beforehand. It’d make everything a lot easier that day. Keep all that in mind and you’ll pull off the best cosplay out there.

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