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Rick and Morty Costumes Guide

One of the hottest shows ever. Rick and Morty took things to the very next level. The show introduced old elements in completely new ways. All that makes the Rick and Morty cosplay costumes a treat.

Rick Costume:

Rick Sanchez costume cosplay

Rick Sanchez sure was a unique character. He was dexter but a lot more curious. The Rick cosplay outfit is perfect for any convention or expo out there. I’m pretty sure it fits in well with those comic-cons that people can’t get enough of.

If your major involves wearing lab coats by any means then this is your thing. It’s perfect to go to school in. Just don’t blow things up please. You won’t be staying there for long that way. I think you can pull it off on Halloween as well. The character is just all over the place.


Here we have the Rick Sanchez costume from the show. It features:

  • The exact shirt that he hasn’t taken off for a century now.
  • The lab coat that will qualify you as a scientist right away.
  • The mask that would make it hard to spot you from the original.
8.5Expert Score

You get a lot for the price you're paying here. It's like an all in one package. Plus the Rick cosplay costume here is really close to the show. It makes things all the sweeter. Better grab it quick!

  • Accessories included.
  • The quality looks good for the price.
  • Small size


Rick and Morty is one of the best modern shows. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s a perfect opportunity to steal the spotlight. The Rick Sanchez cosplay outfit would make you stand out. It’s the perfect thing you can get for any convention.

It’ll be a good change from the anime characters walking around. People would be coming up to you to take pictures. Talk about being super gucci in an instant. Also it’ll put you out there as a true fan. The price isn’t much either so it’s a win win situation. You should definitely get this if you’re a Rick fan.

Child Morty costume:

Child Morty costume age 12-14

The sidekick is here. Is it only me or are there really more Rick fans? They are right? Well Morty fans, this is for you. The Morty costume is what you’ve been looking for. It’ll transform you into the character right away.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this is your go-to thing. It’ll make people remember the entire show. Also, people might ask you some weird questions. Be on the lookout for that. I think the cosplay outfit works with parties as well. People would love to see the guy on the screen here in the real world.


Here we have the Morty outfit. It features:

  • The same shirt that brings in the color. The color that was featured the entire show. I think this is his favorite shirt or something.
  • The Morty mask face.
8Expert Score

I know there isn't much but that's all there is to Morty. You're getting everything that makes the character. Plus it looks good quality so it's something you should get. It's a must have for any fan out there.

  • Good quality
  • Not expensive.
  • No pant


If you’re someone who has it for Morty then this is your thing. The Morty outfit right here will put you out there. Put you out there as a true Morty fan. People wouldn’t be expecting Morty either.

It’ll be you catching them off guard. Imagine running into Rick at the convention. People would love to see the duo. They might tell you to do certain things but ensure your safety first. I think it’s perfect for the cosplay party as well. The Morty costume serves a lot more purposes than just one. It’s utility at it’s best. Plus it’s really ordinary so you won’t be feeling odd. That’s the best thing about Morty attire.

About Rick and Morty:

Have you ever wondered how a futuristic Dexter would’ve looked like? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Dexter is on acid? This right here my friends. Rick and Morty is curiosity at it’s best.

You’ll be seeing all kinds of experiments and ideas. Things you never could’ve even thought before. Get ready to see them play out in front of you. I mean he is always the scapegoat but we in for a good time. The show has a lot to offer and you’re in for a good one.

You’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter. Mark my words. Whether it’s the prehistoric era running wild. Or lasers coming from any direction imaginable. Or just something completely weird. It’s all true when it comes to Rick and Morty. One of the hottest shows around for sure. You won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

Rick and Morty cosplay:

Make sure you try out the shirt beforehand. It might need some adjustments. Also look up some signature duo poses. The pictures would turn out something else.

Be sure to try out the masks. You don’t want to try them at the very last second. Trust me. Also, try to get a friend to pull off the tag team. It’ll be the perfect thing ever for all the fans out there. Do some signature phrases and you’ll stand out compared to any other character.

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