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Dress Like Boruto Costume

Naruto is a legacy. A lot of us wanted more. We got that in the form of Naruto’s son. Boruto showed us more and more of the characters. It’s playing out pretty well while taking a different direction. Boruto costume is a must-have for all the fans.

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Boruto costume:

Boruto Cosplay Costume for kids

Uzumaki Boruto costume here, straight out of the anime. It’s copied everything perfectly. Being a perfect fit for any occasion out there, it’s one of a kind. Utility at it’s best.

I’m pretty sure cosplay parties would want some of it as well. Let’s show those ghosts what exactly a ninja is.


All you could ask for, right here. The Boruto cosplay suit comes up with:

  • The Boruto jacket that makes us vision the character right away.
  • The white shirt underneath that brings another color to play.
  • All the colors in their perfect places.
  • The pants that keep the ninja spirit alive.
  • The sign at the back which he inherited from his father.
8.5Expert Score

I've seen a lot of Boruto considering how popular it is. This right here is a great deal. You get the whole package. Plus it's really good quality for the price. Better grab it quick. It's the perfect thing a fan could get.

  • Great quality. .
  • Fits well.
  • Good price.
  • No accessories.
  • The color might fade.


Boruto fans sure had been waiting for this one. People have been with the show ever since the beginning. I mean it’s Naruto’s son. We can’t sleep on him. That’s for sure. Styling it up in a Boruto outfit is a great idea. People would be showcasing all these Naruto characters. You come up and step up the heat.

It’s a great thing for all the expos out there. With the games been popping off recently it serves a lot more than just an expo. You can literally go to E3 or something. I’m pretty sure they’d love to have you.

A deal great quality for the price. What more could you ask for? Better grab it quick since it’s super gucci. It might sell out soon.

Boruto shoes:

Boruto Ninja boots

The ninja is here. The shoes are always unique when it comes to Naruto. I mean being a Shinobi you want that swiftness. These Boruto shoes give you exactly that.

Get ready to parkour through the whole place. I’m pretty sure the Naruto run would look real. Gather a bunch of Naruto fans out there. Then run with the wind with You say Run in the background. I’m pretty sure the shoes will be running for the most part rather than you making an effort yourself. They’re super comfortable as well. You can even wear them at home.

About Boruto:

He is the son of the best ninja of all time. He’s got everyone watching him. Boruto is one of the most well known characters. That’s for sure. Now the story is in a technology driven Konoha.

Get ready to see a lot of the old scenes in a  brand new way. People really have high expectations when it comes to him. This makes things all the worse whenever he commits an error. But the boy is mischievous, I gotta hand him that. Naruto would never cheat.

Sure Boruto is way different than Naruto. But let’s give him some time and space. Naruto kept surprising us as well. Boruto will as well in the near future.

Boruto cosplay advice and tips:

Walk around in the shoes to have a feel of them. Try to go for strolls and even run around in them. This would make your feet more comfortable on that day. Also try to do some signature poses of the character.

It’ll make you stand out way more. Be sure to look up a makeup tutorial to draw those lines perfectly. They’re hard to draw on your own. Also be on the lookout for dad. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see his son.

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