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9S Cosplay Costume Guide

Nier Automata, one of the biggest games of its year. It features story elements bringing the best out of everything. 9S sure is one to look out for. The 9S cosplay costume is something the fans would love.

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9S Costume:

Nier Automata 9s costume

Nier automata 9S costume stays true to the video game. It brings in the theme of the game here in the real world. You get all there is to 9s when it comes to the character.

The whole look is perfect for comic con and expos. You can walk around getting a lot of attention. I’m pretty sure it works for parties as well. Especially the ones where you have to turn up in a fancy dress. 9S cosplay suit sure has got you covered. Nothing to worry about at all.


Here we have an amazoing 9S outfit attire from Nier Automata. It features:

  • The black suit everyone wants to see here in the real world.
  • All the accessories and details are copied really well.
  • The gloves are here as well making things complete.
9Expert Score

If you're looking for a 9S Nier costume, this is it. It's a perfect deal for any fan out there. It's got all you could ask for. Get ready to become the character itself in an instant.

  • Looks comfortable.
  • Good quality.
  • Good Price and easy to use.
  • Some accessories look bland.
  • Might be difficult to wash.


Nier Automata fans, assemble. This is all you could ask for. The Nier Automata 9S costume gives you everything. It’s an all in one deal you just can’t resist.

If it’s a convention or an expo headed your way, this is the thing. You need to rest assured when you have this. It’s got everything here in the perfect place. Even a cosplay party works as well. You can go out without people making a scene. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would want to take a picture. I mean it’sYorha No.9 Type S after all. That character is a favorite.

This is a great deal. The No.9 Type S costume here is perfect quality. You couldn’t ask for anymore. Better grab it quick.

About Nier Automata 9S:

Everyone’s played Nier Automata by now. The game is just wonderful. The whole concept is unique and one of a kind. I mean that’s a given. We are playing a Square Enix game after all. Wouldn’t hurt to keep our expectations high. That’s for sure.

Androids in the best way possible, Nier Automata is perfect. It introduces us to characters that are one of the best ones out there. Yorha No.9 Type S with that story and sacrifices. You can’t help but feel for the character. Plus as the story goes on you develop such a bond with the character. I’m pretty sure we all feel the same way here. Makes him hard to forget even all this time.

9S Nier cosplay tips:

The 9S cosplay suit looks difficult to pull off the first time. So practice a bit before the occasion. It will make you better acquainted with it. Also go for walks while being blind cause the patch is here. It will make it hard for you to walk.

You can get a friend with you. It will make things easier. You should also have a feel of the accessories. Only then would things turn out the best way. If you find 2B out there, don’t hesitate to ask for a picture. It’ll be a hit on social media, that’s for sure. Also, watch some Youtube replays of the character. It will make you pull off the character the best way possible.

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