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Top 9 Tips to Save Money on Cosplay

Whether if your cosplay is in the planning stages or nearly finished, these 9 cosplay tips will help you save a lot of money.

9 Tips to save money on cosplay

1. Start early:

Not only does this save you from pulling your hair out if you make a mistake, but it allows you to take your time, waiting for the best possible deal on your materials.

2. Research:

Chances are somebody has done that cosplay before, probably several people. You can most likely find awesome resource photos, tips & tricks, and sometimes money-saving ideas.

3. Don’t buy anything that’s not on sale:

 Use coupons. Search eBay & Amazon. There are a few exceptions that never go on sale, but in general refuse to pay full price for anything, even if it only saves you 60$. The savings can add up quickly.

4. Set goals:

 Do you want to build one amazing cosplay that you will wear for the next few years, or is this a cosplay costume you will wear to one convention, and then move on? Are you planning on competing with it? Determining these things in advance will help you decide the quality of materials you need to use, and where you may be able to save money.

5. Cut a few corners:

 Refer back to the last step. If you want your cosplay costume to last for several years, you may want to invest in a stronger material for building armor. And if you don’t care if it starts falling apart after a couple of cons, you might be able to get away with foam instead.

If you’re not participating in a competition you might decide that you want to make your cape out of cotton instead of satin or wool. Remember, the key is balancing your goals and your budget. You want to walk away with a costume that looks like a million bucks, without costing it.

6. DIY wherever possible:

 Making items yourself is often (though not always) cheaper than buying ready-made or commission items.

7. Think outside the box:

 Look for items you can use outside of their intended purpose. The orbs on Lux’s staff are $1 plastic ornaments, which saved me time and money versus casting them in much more expensive resin.

8. Look for items you already have:

 Things like black knee-high boots, basic brown belts, or even wigs can be used in multiple cosplays. This can save you the cost of having to buy these things for each new cosplay you do.

9. Keep track of your expenses:

Even if it’s just a sticky note with a general total. It can be really easy to let costs get out of control a few dollars at a time.

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