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Dva Cosplay Costume Guide

Overwatch was certainly a big hit back in the day. Dva cosplay costume is nothing less either. The moment it made it’s debut, it was everywhere. From the rich gameplay mechanics to the characters, everything was top notch.

It introduced us to such a memorable cast of characters. Dva is surely one of a kind when it comes to that.

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Officer Dva Costume:

Officer Dva Cosplay Costume From Overwatch

As if the character wasn’t enough from the get go. Dva has always been a memorable character. Ever since her debut she was a favorite all of a sudden. She’s cute and has an original look that adds up to her charm.

To top things off we are talking about the officer skin. This is a great skin. This makes the Dva costume really something the fans would love.


Here we have the exact Officer Dva cosplay suit from the game. Overwatch has surely been a hit in the shooter genre. With it’s cast of characters, it’s been one of a kind.

Dva is surely someone everyone remembers and loves. She’s a great character all in all. This skin is surely something everyone wants to have.

We have the exact real life version right here. It’s got much more to it such as:

  • The officer hat that fits perfect with the whole theme of the character.
  • The officer outfit that makes teh Dva cosplay girl outfit stand out.
  • The tie with the tie holder that makes you look presentable and decent.
  • The belt that’s original and brings out more about the officer theme.
  • The exact cosplay costume from the Overwatch video game.
  • The accessories are all here saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • The pants look a bit under-quality but that might just be me.


Overwatch is for everyone. There’s not a single person who hates the game. The game had a lot to offer and is still going strong. The characters are perfect cosplay options. All of them are unique and one of a kind. This gives us a lot of options to choose from. But Dva for sure is the one that comes to mind the first.

The whole Officer Dva overwatch costume is one of a kind. It brings in the feel of the character. The conventions and expos can surely have a bit of it. Even theme days can look a ton better with the Dva outfit. You can even walk around in it since it’s simple. But the gamers would surely recognize it. Be ready to get more and more friends as everyone would be heading to you.

It’s sure to bring more gaming to the expo. Even E3 can benefit from this. The developers might include you at their booth. That would be the best thing ever with the Dva overwatch cosplay costume.

Dva Cosplay Advice and Tips:

Make sure to try the outfit prior to the occasion. This will give you a feel of the whole thing. Run some errands or do some chores. Be sure to be wary of the weather. Don’t melt away. Mimic the poses of the character as well for better pictures and videos. I’m sure it’ll be the best Dva cosplay costume to date.

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