Luigi Cosplay Costume Guide:

Luigi Mansion, a character who’s always been in the shadows. A character who’s second to none. The Luigi cosplay costume is something that shines bright.

But still, he’s always made to look second to his brother. To being with, Luigi is taller than him. But still, He has his moments that outshine Mario’s at times. The cosplay costume is great in its own ways.





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 Includes: jumpsuit with padded belly, hat, pair of gloves and faux mustache.


Beautiful, Colorful, Creative designs to put you in the world of role play

Luigi Costume:

Luigi Costume Cosplay

Luigi costume is a color blend that we’ve seen since the past. The green and blue go hand in hand with each other. The color combination looks stylish while displaying the vibrance. The true form of the colors at it’s best. This makes the Luigi cosplay costume a good fit for conventions and expos.


Here we have the exact Luigi costume. We have seen him wear this since the beginning. The best part is that it’s never gotten old or bland even a bit.

The colors are the same and there’s not a slight bit of modification. This makes it nostalgic and original. The costume comes along with:

  • The green shirt underneath. The green color is a signature of his character at this point. It captures his look in a very good way. Truly makes a huge part of the cosplay costume.
  • The blue upper that goes well with the green. It makes the colors look as if they were one. But the blue needs the yellow to become green. This is like the blue and yellow buttons signify that.
  • The exact Luigi outfit from the video game.
  • The colors are done really well.
  • The details are copied in an excellent way.
  • It might be a little too big for some people.
  • The colors might fade over time in addition to being different from the video game version.


If you’re a Mario Bros. fan, welcome to the club. They’ve been a huge part of everyone’s childhood. They’ve defined fun for many years now. They have also introduced the beautiful world of video games to so many of us.

Luigi’s mansion costume is truly one of a kind. With its blend of colors and everything, it’s truly delightful. It’s something that’d bring nostalgia to the conventions.

Even expo fans would love some Luigi since they’re so used to seeing Mario by now. He is surely someone everyone would love to see the spotlight.

Even the Nintendo booth would love to see the character. The cosplay outfit is a good fit for E3 as well. They’ll surely make you visit and you might receive some mystery gifts.

Accessory Kit:

Luigi Adult Accessory Kit

The Luigi cosplay is one of a kind. But the accessories make a huge part of it. The accessories would make the cosplay costume shine even more. They will make it stand out more than it already is.

It’s like they’ll make it look more Luigi like. They’re a must if you are going for the cosplay costume. The outfit would look complete with them in the picture.

Luigi Cosplay Tips:

Make sure to learn some signature lines. This will make you stand out as a true Luigi fan. Moreover, Luigi’s mansion cosplay costume goes well with a Mario. So make sure to have a Mario tag along. Or just meet one at the expo. Moreover, keep looking at your phone to adjust the hat and everything. You should also look as if everything is in place or not. Keep this up and you’ll surely pull off the best cosplay. is a participant i the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program

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