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Mario Bros Costume Guide

The first video game character to grab our attention. And the first character to make us know what the word princess even means. The first character to introduce us to the joy video games offer. Mario is one of a kind for sure. Here will show you the best Super Mario costume guide.

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Super Mario Costume:

Super Mario Costume Adults

Mario since the beginning has had the same costume. The Mario cosplay costume hasn’t changed much since the beginning. We’ve seen a bit modifications to it but it’s still the good old Mario. This makes us remember those halcyon days.

The Mario outfit is surely a great pick when it comes to conventions. Even expos can benefit a lot from it. E3 is the best place though. That’s where all the video game fans gather. Best place to flaunt this cosplay costume.


Here we have the same Super Mario costume adults from the video game. He’s practically wearing the same one in every game. This makes the Mario cosplay outfit an icon in the video game industry.

It’s surely something everyone wants to try since Mario is so memorable. It’s surely a huge part of everyone’s life now. The costume doesn’t have much to it. But what it exhibits surely fills the whole atmosphere with nostalgia and good memories. The Super Mario Bros costume comes up with:

  • The red shirt underneath that made him. It keeps the traditions alive, not letting them fade away even a bit. Even with all these games coming out it’s still the same.
  • The blue outfit on top of it that’s a signature. Even if you’re wearing something like that but not blue, everyone would come up to you. They will surely notice the similarity and ask you about him. That’s how popular the guy is.
  • The hat with the M on it that serves us to never forget him. It’s like a hint to all these fans who haven’t played the game yet. Which is of course very rare. I can’t imagine many people who don’t know him.
  • The exact cosplay costume from the video game.
  • The details are copied really well.
  • It makes a good deal.
  • The outfit might not be exactly like that in the game.
  • The colors might be a bit off at times.
  • The hat might wear out soon.


If you’re someone who played Super Mario as his/her first-ever video game this is for you. This makes a good deal. The best one you’ve seen so far. He is so close to our hearts at this point. He’s a character who introduced us to this beautiful realm of video games.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, the Super Mario costume adults goes well with everything. Even E3 has that legendary Nintendo Booth. They will surely welcome you with open arms. You’ll be the mascot for the entire day if things go well. That’s the beauty of the cosplay costume.

It’s even good for theme and birthday parties. A kid would be so happy to see his hero in real life. Moreover, everyone would love to see some real after all these years. I’d say it also makes a good cosplay costume. Wear it to Italian restaurants as well.

Mario Accessory Kit:

Mario Accessory Kit

The Mario Brothers costume is surely not complete with just the suit. No sir. We have to bring it even closer to perfection. That’s only possible if you have these accessories as well. The hat is surely a must. It is what makes him in the first place.

The gloves are something that makes him stand out. The white color that goes well with those red and blue. It is surely something that brings in the character to the table. Moreover, the Stache is a must. It’s something that made the character the way he is in the first place.

The accessories are surely something that will make the Mario character costumes cosplay stand out for sure. This makes it even closer to perfection. That’s what everyone strives for.

Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to try the Super Mario cosplay costume prior to the occasion. This will make you feel more comfortable and prevent any mishappenings. Moreover, try to look up a video explaining all the accessories.

This will make everything look in its perfect place making you stand out even more. It’s surely something that will make the whole Mario cosplay outfit complete.

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