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Best 7 Bleach Cosplay Costumes Guide

Bleach is back!!! Yes it’s scheduled to return next year. The moment I saw the trailer, I literally took the house by storm. I’ve been a real fan of Bleach ever since it started airing back when I was a little bean.

It’s been a show that I’ve loved from the core of my heart. It’s one of the three shounen pillars that’ve been revered and praised for their execution.

The big three surely are ones that most people pick up the moment they start watching anime. It’s not wrong at all to say that Bleach surely serves as a gateway when it comes to anime.

Bleach features a lot of characters. A lot of cool ones to choose from when it comes to cosplays. Let’s recall some of the best bleach cosplay costumes from the show that made our childhood a golden era.

1. Ichigo costume:

Bleach Cosplay Kurosaki Ichigo Costume New Bankai
Cosplay Kurosaki Ichigo Costume New Bankai

What better way to start things off than with the main. The character that ever since his debut was had every heart won already. With a quirk as unique as being able to see otherworldly spirits and communicate with them.

This surely made him stand out from the rest of the anime protagonists. Plus, to make things sweeter, we saw that humane and kind side to him.
Ichigo was always there to give a helping hand to spirits let alone humans.

Ichigo tried his best to help however he could. This made him a fan favorite from the get-go. Later on, he went through all kinds of transitions and transformations that built his character. His character development is one of the most well done in the history of anime. He’s shown to go from a playful kid to a responsible man who looks after and tends to his mistakes. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this makes a hot pick.

The Kurosaki Ichigo cosplay costume is surely something that’d bring the nostalgia right in front of us. It’d make us remember those halcyon days. Those times when things used to be way easier.

2. Rukia Cosplay Costume:

Bleach Cosplay: Rukia Costume
Rukia Costume

Not long into the show we came face to face with a rather strange character. This character who was a girl was at first not very likable. Rukia was the bossy type that not most of the people like to come even close to. Moreover, Rukia had this aura of her ‘being from another universe’ entirely. Narcissism was surely there for a lot of fingers to point out.
But later on, we saw all the new sides to the character than we never had seen before. Sides that made the character make a home in our hearts and someone we looked forward to seeing.

Rukia is surely one of the best and badass female characters in the history of anime. She still is on par with all the new popular female characters out there. Being a fan favorite and still a hot pick, this makes the Rukia cosplay costume perfect. It makes the Rukia cosplay outfit something a lot of people would look out for. Moreover, with Bleach returning I can already see a lot of new fans coming into the show as well. This makes a lot of eyes to appreciate this Bleach cosplay girl idea.

3. Aizen Cosplay Costume:

Aizen Cosplay Costume From Bleach
Aizen Costume

Brace yourself ladies, no transformation has ever made anyone look so different ever. Aizen at first was that nice guy who played by the book. He was the earnest and perfect guy everyone requested and no one doubted.

Aizen was there to help everyone. He made sure that everyone was free from any kind of trouble or pressure that’d hinder their lives. This had solidified his position as a captain everyone’s trust was deep-rooted in.
This in my opinion, was one of the best plot twists in the history of anime. He did a complete 180 and just by taking his spectacles off, he was another person.

No one in their right mind could’ve guessed that those two characters are the same. They were so different as if his brain had been split into two. As the show progresses, we see his intelligence on its peak.

He’s able to see the biggest picture to ever exist. Plans no one thought of, schemes no one could ever devise, he’s got everything in the palm of his hand. Aizen is surely one of the best anime antagonists with his character on another level compared to the rest. The Aizen cosplay costume is surely something that’d make everyone recall that scene. The scene that had us mindblown back as a kid and had us question life itself. Be sure to greet Ichigo there and have a friendly conversation.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto Cosplay Costume:

Bleach Cosplay: Rangiku Matsumoto Costume
Rangiku Matsumoto Costume

Fan service is here knocking at everyone’s door. Surprisingly, everyone’s ready to embrace it with open arms since the beginning. Matsumoto since the beginning was shown to be a carefree character.

Rangiku didn’t take anything seriously and had that happy go lucky attitude going on for her. She stood out the most on that erotic side since she was too revealing.

I’m sure the naughty kids sat every week just to have a glimpse of that back in the day. Naive kids, pleased by the simplest of things. As the story progresses, Rangiku is shown to play major roles in the whole Bleach universe.
At times, she’s the one bringing in the comedic element to the table. This makes us feel light-headed and take things on a lighter note since the fights are enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Her scenes and interactions with Hitsugaya are hilarious at times since they stay true to their characters all the time.

I’m sure whether it’s a convention or an expo, this is something everyone’s looking forward to. The Rangiku Matsumoto cosplay costume is surely something that’d blow the fans away. I can already see you blowing up on Instagram with those Bleach cosplay girl pictures. They’re about to go viral in a heartbeat the moment you post them.

5. Yoruichi Cosplay Costume:

Shihouin Yoruichi costume : Bleach Cosplay
Shihouin Yoruichi Costume

I didn’t see this coming I swear. When I was a kid, Yoruichi was a character that kind of scared me. She was that stray cat you see on the street on a dark knight. The cat that makes you want to run away from her as far as possible. From the get go, the cat has that look in her eyes that she’s ready to pounce upon anyone she comes across. The voice acting added fuel to the fire as well since it was a voice nowhere near a female’s.

The story went on and we see how the cat is an expert and about to be none other than Ichigo’s mentor. The cat taught Ichigo a lot of things and made him grow as a character.

It was all going smoothly and no major suspicions were there. But then we see the mist coming out and a girl coming out of the mist as it starts to clear. A naked one at that as well.
I was as surprised as Ichigo at that time since I never expected that even one bit. They got us in the first half not gonna lie. Her character was badass and someone who was strong both in looks and when it came to the kicks and punches. She’s pummeled a lot of people to the ground and made it clear that as a girl her strength knows no bounds.

The Yoruichi cosplay costume is surely something that people have been looking forward to for a long time. It’s something that ever since it’s the debut, has been the talk of the town. Everyone wanted one back in the day. It’s right here now. This makes the perfect opportunity to seize a Yoruichi cosplay outfit for yourself.

6. Orihime Cosplay Costume:

Inoue Orihime Dress
Inoue Orihime Costume

Here we have a girl with a soul so pure, a heart of gold. Ever since her debut, Orihime is shown to be selfless and a motherly figure. She cares deeply for humans let alone her acquaintances. She’s shown to harbor a great deal of kindness and affection for her loved ones. This is made clear in the first few episodes as well.

Inoue Orihime even tries her best to help Ichigo and others by fighting on the front lines at times. But her abilities are more suited for support and assisting others from a far. Despite her feeling not good enough and wanting to do more for others, she accepted that. It was a hard pill to swallow but she’d do anything if it meant a safer tomorrow for the ones she held dear. Her abilities are surely something every healing/support character longs for.

Being so unique and special when it came to her powers, Aizen went as far as to bring her to the dark side. Admit it, we were really sad when we came to know that we won’t be able to see more of Grimmjow. But she made him step on the battlefield once more, giving the fans what they longed for.

Inoue Orihime is a fan favorite for sure and someone who the girls and boys both love and hold dear. She’s the ideal anime girl with a personality that makes you fall in love with her right away.

The Orihime cosplay costume is surely something that’d make the old fans and the new fans unite. It’s an Amazing Bleach cosplay girl idea. Everyone coming together to appreciate just how good of a character she is.

7. Ulquiorra Cosplay Costume:

4th Espada Cifer Ulquiorra Outfit
Ulquiorra Costume

Here’s the cool, silent, ready to kick anyone’s ass in an instant character everyone loves. Since the beginning, Ulquiorra is shown to invade Earth in search of Ichigo. But even knowing that he could kill the boy in a heartbeat, he doesn’t.

The 4th Espada Cifer Ulquiorra someone who stays true to his monarch, true to himself, and is disciplined. It’s shown that he doesn’t have much of a liking when it comes to characters like Grimmjow.

That’s understandable since they’re two different worlds, two different galaxies brought together by a common big bang. His power is unmatched, the only character who was able to beat Ichigo so hard.
Being able to kill Ichigo, the main character of a shounen series twice at that as well.

This is a feat surely no one else has ever accomplished before no matter how much we look for. To make things worse and to pique our curiosity, even more, he shows his mark.

Ichigo and most of us thinking since the beginning of him being like the first or second at most o the Espadas. He’s the fourth one. Expectations down the drain. There’s one thing that Bleach does very well. And that’s to bring in the plot twists, the surprises that keep the fans all in the show. The Ulquiorra cosplay costume is surely something that’d make everyone recall, relive the hype that came in packed with the character. It looks really cool as well and is surely something all fans would love to wear.

Bleach Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to try out the bleach cosplay costumes prior to the occasion. This will prevent any kind of mess-ups and would make you feel more comfortable as well. Make sure to keep up with the personality of the characters as well.

This will make the Bleach cosplay costumes stand out even more. Make sure to do the signature poses of the characters as well. This will make everything look complete and perfect and would make you pull off the best. The best Bleach cosplay costumes to ever exist.

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