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Ash Ketchum Costume Guide

Pokemon, a word that’s unknown to none no matter how much rocks you live under. It’s something that’s made the most of out of childhood all over the world. It’s something that’s well known by people of all ages provided it’s real long runtime that’s on par with One Piece.

Ash has grown with us all this time, going through journeys no one ever imagined a young boy from Pallet Town even imagining of. He’s like a friend, an old chum of ours that’s still there to look after us, providing us with quality entertainment.

He’s the one we aspired to be when we were young, he taught the word ‘master’ and engraved it in the way it is in our hearts. Provided all this, Ash Ketchum costume is sure to make anyone’s day just by a glimpse of it since it’ll bring with it more than just the beautiful, nostalgic sight.

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Ash Ketchum Costume:

Ash Ketchum Costume Cosplay
Ash Pokemon Costume

The first one never gets old now does it? It’s the oldest of the Ash Ketchum costume that we remember most vividly about. It was something that introduced us to the character who made home straight in our hearts the moment he appeared on the screen.

Out there walking around, going to conventions looking out for some Pokemon cosplay costumes, hitting an E3 booth with the boys, the Ash Pokemon costume got you covered no matter what and will make you a Pokemon master the moment you wear it.


The same old Ash Ketchum costume cosplay, the very first that our hearts can remember, our minds can picture.

I still remember sitting everyday waiting and waiting, just to hear the opening and jumping all around while singing it. Being a Pokemon master and trying to defeat him as a Pokemon master was a dream that no matter what, I wanted to make true.

It pleases my heart and makes me happy just to see this Ash Pokemon costume. The best thing about the Ash Ketchum cosplay is that it comes with:

  • The cap that he rolled back when he was serious, making us know, hinting at something epic that was about to go down. Adrenaline pushing in.
  • The gloves that made us cut out winter gear just to get yelled all day by our mom who just bought them from walmart. On discount as well so you know how that went down.
  • The upper with the iconic blue and white combination, the medley of the colors chasing around the course, the course to envelop Ash faster even by the second. It’s a tie, since you teach me and I’ll teach you!
  • The pockets that have that yellow highlights on them, making the real character come straight to life with this Ash Pokemon costume.
  • The exact cosplay costume from the series that’s been bringing smiles all around the world, every day at that as well. Respect.
  • The details are copied really well making the nostalgia hit as hard as it can.
  • The accessories that come along with the cosplay suit making it the best deal ever for all the Pokemon fans.
  • It might be baggy and a little too loose for some people, applying the brakes to the original character coming out in real life.
  • The gloves might give you rashes.


Everyone’s a Pokemon fan, literally every human on Earth. It’s something that’s introduced us to so many characters, making us feel and experience the joy of adventure first hand. As a kid, you know how bad we wanted to get our hands at one of these, traveling all around just to only find these Pokemon cards that our house was overflowing with.

It’s finally time to do justice to your old and present self with this Ash Ketchum costume. It’s something that’d bring out the child inside you one more time. Make the theme song run in your head the moment you wear it, Gotta catch em all right? Conventions, expos, just moving around showing people their friendly neighborhood Ash, everything is there with still much much more when it comes to the utility of this Ash Pokemon costume.

The Pokedex:

Pokemon Pokedex

Now, now, hold up. I know how you’ll come across Pokemon of all types with all kinds of different abilities the moment you swag out in that Ash Ketchum cosplay costume. But people would surely not believe you if you don’t have a record of that, evidence to back up your sightings right. The Pokedex has got you covered.

It’s sure to record every Pokemon out there while giving you all the information you can get about them, weight, size, you name it. To top things off, right here we have the Kalos version that’s sure to have all the memory and data that’s required to record all those Pokemon. No limitations, unchained, unshackled, free.

The Pokeball:

Pokemon Pokeball

You’re sure to come face to face with Pokemon ranging from a Caterpie to a Zapdos. But, it’s not enough to just look at them right? You want to keep them for sure since no one wouldn’t want to keep them forever.

Pokeball, the solution to all your problems right here. Not everyone’s Pikachu that’s there to follow you around the world just to be able to witness the adventure firsthand with you.

They want a home not in your heart, but in the Pokeball’s that are made for them, that makes them feel at ease as well. Plus, it keeps up the original maximizing effect as well bringing Ash Ketchum to life right in front of us. In order to get things in their perfect place, to make sure everything’s complete, it’s necessary to get all here in one place.

Pokemon Badges:

Pocket Monster Generation 1-6 Gym Badge Collection Box

Ash’s a champion since we’ve seen him go through all that, win everything at the very end. But everytime he did, he got a badge, a degree that made him eligible of holding the status, deserve the homage that he got from all those sources afterwards.

Those Pocket Monster Generation 1-6 Gym Badges Collection Box is a must-buy for a champion then aren’t they? Here’s the complete collection of all the fruits of victory that Ash shed blood, sweat, and tears for.

It’s sure to make you remember the poses he did, the joyful screams that he shouted at the top of his lungs as clear as if it was yesterday. Plus, each and every one of it is unique since it’s a different gym so you can even play a guessing game with your Pokemon fanatics. See, I gave you a game to pass time as well.

Pokemon Trainer Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to try out the Ash Pokemon costume prior to the occasion so that you can get a feel of the kid that’s been on a quest since day one. A quest that’s not easy at all but he’s still at it. Props. Make sure to keep everything in its perfect place since it’ll bring out the true image and character straight from the series.

Refresh your memory by watching some of the iconic poses once again since it’d make the character stand out even more. Keep up with all of this and you’re sure to bring out the best Ash Ketchum cosplay to date.

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