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Tower of God Cosplay Costumes

The Tower of God is Lee Jong Hui’s anime that tells the story of Baam, who casually enters the Tower.

Here you can see the Tower of God costumes of the three main characters: Baam, Koon, and Rachel.

These Tower of God costumes cosplay are unique and ideal for anime lovers.

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Baam Costume:

Baam Costume tower of god cosplay
Twenty-Fifth Baam Suit

If you are an anime lover, these are the perfect outfits for you. You will have the Tower of God Cosplay dream.

With this Twenty-Fifth Baam outfit, you will have the ideal Tower of God Cosplay. With this cosplay costume, you will be as powerful as Baam.

Like all heroes, he will never be complete without his reference costume.

Twenty-Fifth Baam Suit Features:

This Tower of God costume of Baam is almost a replica of the costume Baam wears in the anime. It is full of many details.

From the popular red vest, pants, black shirt, and cool gray scarf that Baam wears when he first enters the tower.

This outfit is not only ideal for Tower of God Cosplays, but it is also perfect role-playing games or for theater events.

It is ideal for adults or teenagers. Baam’s Tower of God costumes is handmade. Which is great.

Also, the Baam Suit comes in different sizes, for any size, and for any body type.

  • It is very similar to that of Baam.
  • Baam’s Tower of God Cosplay outfit is handmade, therefore it is one of a kind.
  • Comes with all its accessories.
  • Being handmade you must buy it one size larger.
  • For this Tower of God costumes, you will also have to be careful when washing it.


For those lovers of Tower of God, this outfit is the ideal one. This Baam costume is almost perfect for the details it has.

Imagine that you are at an event or some party with anime lovers, and suddenly you appear with this Baam Cosplay outfit.

Without a doubt, you will be one of the sensations of the party. With the Baam outfit you will always stand out at any event.

With this Tower of God Cosplay suit, you will be the center of attention at any party or special event, be it anime or comics.

Also if you are not a very anime lover, this costume can be used for theater performances or role-playing games.

It is a very useful outfit that can serve you for many things, including a festival or a party.

Whether for a festival, a play, or just an RPG. There is no better way than to do it like Baam.

Don’t miss your chance to have this great Baam cosplay, and embody Baam in the best way and with the best style.

Don’t be afraid, and dare to do something different. This Tower of God outfit is very useful to get you out of the traditional.

Khun Costume:

Aguero Khun costume: Tower of god cosplay
Khun Aguero Suit

The time has come to be one of the most beloved characters, Kun. With this Kun costume, you will look great at any party and event.

Take advantage of your chance to become one of the most popular anime characters. There is no better option than to do a Koon Cosplay.

This Khun costume is perfect for any type of occasion. From cosplays parties, plays, or even for work.

The Aguero Khun cosplay outfit is completely made of polyester and comes in different sizes. Ideal for any type of person.

The shirt is white, the cap is black, the pants are gray. It is even perfect as a school uniform.

  • This Khun Aguero costume is handmade, so it is exclusive.
  • It is made entirely of polyester, so there are no skin irritation problems.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Aguero Kun outfit is designed for adults and teens.
  • You have to wash this outfit very carefully since you can easily damage a garment.


If you are a lover of Tower of God, possibly you are also a Khun Aguero Agnis. A character who was very fond of his personality.

Being Baam’s best friend, Koon is very popular with show lovers. He is the character that many want to embody.

The Aguero Khun suit is very useful, you can not only use it for a cosplays event, but you can also use it at any party.

If you are not an anime lover, it is still a very useful outfit. For school, plays, or for work.

The white shirt, the black-tie, and the gray pants are the perfect combination to attend any event.

Rachel Dress

Rachel Copslay Costume from Tower Of God
Rachel Costume

In every story, there is always that villain who fits perfectly with the hero. In Tower of God, the perfect girl is Rachel.

With the Rachel Dress, you can make a great cosplay girls idea. It is also perfect for workdays or a party.

With this Rachel cosplay Dress, you will demonstrate a lot of style and elegance wherever you go.

Rachel Cosplay Costume Features:

This Rachel cosplay outfit is made up of a red dress and a black long dress. It is an outfit that can be combined with anything.

It can be obtained in any size. Both adults and teens can have theirs.

It is completely made of polyester, and it is handmade.

  • The Rachel Dress costume is handmade.
  • The Rachel Tower of god cosplay Dress comes with all its accessories therefore you do not lack any detail.
  • You can buy it in all the available sizes.
  • As it is handmade and its material is polyester, great care must be taken when washing.


This Tower of god cosplay costume is perfect for any occasion. You can use it in any important appointment or commitment.

There is no better way to attend an event or theme party disguised in the Rachel Dress costume.

If you are a cosplays lover, it is a good option. Avoid doing traditional cosplays and dress up as a cool character like Rachel.

In the world of anime, creativity and imagination have great value. Without a doubt, the Rachel Dress costume represents these values.

Do not waste time. Whether it is for you or your daughter, this outfit is great. It can even be used by both sexes.

Tower Of God Cosplay advice and tips

The first advice we give you about the Tower of god Costumes is to buy a size larger than the one you want.

As they are handmade, if you do not buy a larger size the costume may fit you very tightly or small.

Be careful when washing the costumes because they’re made of polyester.

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