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Harry Potter Cosplay Uniform Costume

Harry Potter is a name that speaks a thousand words. A name that introduced us to the unknown. A name that showed us a realm that everyone thought only existed in fables. And the name that made us think the impossible as possible. A name that gave us, delivered to us the true meaning that the letters hold, the words bear. The word ‘magic’ was born a new after we watched the movies of this prodigy of a magician. It’s a character that everyone knows about and is sure to get everyone excited. I’ll try my best to get you equipped with everything that adds up to a good Harry Potter cosplay costume. Let’s dive right into it.

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Harry Potter Uniform Costume:

Firstly, Here we have the uniform that made us think our school was the only one that dwelled in the past. Let’s be real, that uniform was something we wanted to wear and walk around the campus in. It was something we wanted to be a part of our curriculum back then. But better late than ever right? Here comes the perfect opportunity to make that happen. It makes for an excellent Harry potter cosplay outfit to a number of occasions and events.

Harry Potter Uniform Costume
The Wizard World Of Harry Potter Cosplay Uniform Costume

It’s the same Harry potter cosplay outfit from the movies that’re still clear as a day when we remember them. The movies that made us know what the word ‘fantasy’ truly means. It’s made up to resemble the movie Harry potter cosplay costume as close as possible.

This gives us the feeling of being enveloped by magic and illusions themselves. Even the slightest of details are copied really well and make us feel nostalgia at it’s finest. It makes us remember all those movies one at a time. And I love the fact of how they never changed the uniforms and kept the same one. Lastly, This keeps the true feel of the movies and teaches the lesson. The valuable lesson that staying true to your roots is always important.

  • The same Harry Potter cosplay outfit from the movies.
  • The details and everything to the costume are copied really well.
  • The quality and everything looks pretty good as well.
  • It might be difficult to walk around in.
  • It might be baggy or too roomy for some people.


He was a huge part of everyone’s childhood. I’ve seen a lot of people who’re absolutely crazy when it comes to the movies. It’s undeniable that it’s one of the best movie series of all time and comes with all kinds of genres and story elements. And it delivers more than just entertainment and makes us feel like we’re a part of that universe itself at times.
It’s a wonderful feeling if I’m being honest right here. Why not feel that way again? This cosplay costume is sure to bring magic into your life. It makes for a perfect one to rock the convention or expo in. And Even at college these days, what better choice do we have than the Harry potter cosplay outfit itself? Nothing literally. Lastly, it’s sure to transform your school into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry in an instant.

Harry Potter Glasses:

Harry Potter Glasses
Harry Glasses

Here we have the same spectacles, the same pieces of glass that Harry used to wear. The ones that were his eyes and without which the whole world was blight. It gives you that prodigy look right away and makes the Harry potter cosplay costume progress towards completion. Unlike other glasses, However, it doesn’t come up with that nerdy look. No strain to the eyes offered as well. As safe as it gets for sure.

The Magic Broom:

Harry Potter Broom cosplay
Harry Broom

Do you remember how we first saw this in Tom and Jerry? The way that witch sits on top of the broom. Gives it a kick that appears like the one on the motorcycle. The broom is up and going with you on top of it right after. Pretty cool right? That’s exactly how I felt back then as well. This is that brought into the real world. This broom is sure to give you that mage look right away. It’s an essential and is necessary to make the Harry potter cosplay outfit proceed towards perfection.

The Magic Wand:

Harry Potter Wand Cosplay
Harry Potter Wand

What good is a knight without his sword? Nothing. A true soldier always keeps his blade in his hand. This goes for the wand as well. No mage is a mage if he’s not holding it. How are you supposed to chant those spells then right? This makes for the last accessory when it comes to the Harry Potter cosplay costume. Lastly, with this everything is complete and we’ve transformed into Harry Potter himself.

Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Firstly, Be sure to try the outfit prior to the occasion to get a feel of the Harry Potter cosplay costume. Walk around the house doing chores or something. Plus make sure your uniform is not brooming the place since that’s not what it’s made for. Practice in front of a mirror with the spells and wand handling as well. Lastly, keep all this in mind and you’ll pull off the best Harry potter cosplay costume for sure.

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