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Cosplay Guide: all you need to know about cosplay

There are many questions when it comes to cosplay culture, in this article we will clarify many of them to let you know everything you need to start this beautiful thing in your life.

In this precious culture you will find many friends which like the same anime, comic, TV show and video games as you, you will enjoy the conventions and all the shows and games that they offer to you entertainment.

To cosplay you do not need a lot of money because you can always create your own costumes and look amazing.

Common questions about cosplay culture:

Cosplay Guide: all you need to know about cosplay

What cosplay means?

This is an art, which is defined by people who like to impersonate their favorite characters from any show or video game; they are always up to make a good costume to make it real.

The cosplay community has grown around the world because many people love to go to their massive events where you can see your favorite characters; the cosplayers look amazing with their suits and accessories just like in the shows.

Is Halloween a cosplay?

It is not the same; some people like to say they are not. Cosplay people like to share their costumes for more just than fun; it is a way to express how they feel and what they like, impersonate their favorites characters give them the strength to carry on, while Halloween is just for fun or some parties.

What is a Cosplay community?

It is the community where many fans like to share their art through their costumes and handmade accessories; they do it for the love and respect that they have for these animes, TV shows, movies, and video games. This community is vast and getting bigger every day as the new generation is getting very interested in this subculture.

Where is cosplay located?

It started as a subculture in Japan where they have the biggest and most amazing events today, but to put a location to this subculture is very difficult because it has grown worldwide; you can find cosplayers in any country.

What are cosplay girls?

They are girls who like to impersonate their favorite characters from movies, anime, TV shows, and video games; and they like to look amazing in her costumes and make their audience to enjoy the experience. They can make their outfit or buy them online; in addition, they get the appropriate wig and accessories to look exactly like the character.

When cosplay started?

This subculture started in Japan in the 70s, where many people used to go to the comic markets to talk with people who like the same things. In some time these people went there dressed as their favorite characters and this start growing in Japan until this day when it is a global phenomenon.

Why cosplay is popular?

This is a very popular activity around the world because everyone would love to wear as their favorite character. There are many events of cosplay worldwide, that will allow people to look like that while they play as the character and enjoy from the diversity of activities that conventions use to have.

Is cosplay a subculture?

Yes, today is a subculture, which has gain thousands of fans around the world; they like to share everything about their art, and information about their favorite animes, comics and video games. They spent a lot of money and time to make their character interpretation the best, and the most similar possible to the original.

How do you Cosplay?

To cosplay, you need to get ready with a costume made by yourself or one that you buy; add some accessories and get ready with your role-play. It is very important to act like the character too.

Where are the biggest cosplay conventions in the world?

The biggest conventions in the world usually are located in Tokyo, Japan where all this started but there are some other equally good and big enough to compete with such as the Comic-Con in USA and Gamescom in Germany.

What is the golden rule of cosplay?

The golden rule while cosplaying is to get fun you want to show your amazing artwork to the world but the main reason for this art is to get fun! Try to know new people and enjoy their artisanship too.

Where is cosplay popular?

it used to be popular in Japan and some countries of Asia but today it is popular worldwide; this subculture has cross many barriers and gets many fans around the world.

Is cosplay an art?

Yes, it is an art because you need a lot of creativity to fulfill your ideas and make them a reality. Some people have adopted this culture as its lifestyle and everything they do is related to this world; Cosplayers are artists who like to share with the people their costumes, which are their piece of art.

How I get into cosplay?

You do not need any specific thing to start in cosplay, choose your favorite character and try to impersonate him, many cosplayer says that when they start they always look for a character, which is relatable and look similar to them, and then when you get experience you can try with harder projects.

Where can I buy cosplay?

You can buy from many online stores that offer you an endless amount of options to choose from. There are costumes for every kind of budget from the most affordable to the most opulent; you can always search in some of them like amazon, lightinthebox, eBay, etc.  You can also opt to search if you have a cosplay store near your location.

What cosplay should I do?

You should to the cosplay which attracts you the most; they are plenty option to choose but it is always up to you, you can start with your favorite character or some relatable character; be sure to get the perfect costume, wig, makeup, and accessories to look amazing in your first time.

Can a girl cosplay as a boy?

Yes, they can, it is actually a common practice, there are women who like to get into a masculine character and make them their own; for example many girls love to cosplay Shoto Todoroki and he is a male character from my hero academia anime.

Can a Boy cosplay as a girl?

The answer is yes, they can just as girls some guys are really into the feminine cosplay; they can use everything to look like their favorite female characters such as dresses, wigs, makeup, heels, earrings, collars, and more, in the cosplay culture there is no negativity.

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